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Infection Control Program

Smart Potering

Critical Equipment Maintenance Program


  • Reduction in Hospital Acquired Infection
  • Patient Satisfaction Experience
  • Efficiency is Distribution of Work Load
  • Bio Medical Waste Management Services
  • Advanced Cleaning Solutions
  • Improved Patient Health Care and Safety
  • Environmental Infection Control
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Health Care FM Operations

VFS Team is well equipped with important fundamentals on H.C Programs, with experience serving major Health Care Industry. Our people trained specially in infection control program, Cross Contamination Process Discharges room protocols and other Sterile Areas and Clean room Programs.

The key objective are patient satisfaction Reduction in HAI, Adherence to NABH and JCI protocols,Clinical staff Satisfaction, Bio Medical Waste Management adherence, inspection and cleaning Protocols.


Chief Security Officers
Cleaning & maintaining of Workup Areas
Fumigation of Workup & Critical Areas

Pantry Service



Door mat

Floor Cleaners

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Discharge Room Protocols

Clinical Protocol in High Risk Areas

Spill Management

Infection Control Program

ICU/OT-Sterile Cleaning Process

Floor Care & Washroom Care

Cross Contamination Control Process

EHS (Employee Health Safety)

Floor Care & Washroom Care