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In March 2015, Premium Hygiene Care entered into an exclusive seller of Cleaning Products of reputed brands and flourished into a total facility management company VFS and LS in an emerging work space.

Health Care FM Operations

VFS Team is well equipped with important fundamentals on H.C Programs, with experience serving major Health Care Industry. Our people trained specially in infection control program, Cross Contamination Process Discharges room protocols and other Sterile Areas and Clean room Programs.

The key objective are patient satisfaction Reduction in HAI, Adherence to NABH and JCI protocols,Clinical staff Satisfaction, Bio Medical Waste Management adherence, inspection and cleaning Protocols.

Facility Management Services In Industrial & IT Sector

Environmental Services (IPD & OP)

Cross contamination control based on Clinical and Non clinical Programs. Patients rooms serviced through state of the art Microfiber, smart cleaning system with color coated Tools.

Discharge room protocols are deployed which prevents HAI through intelligent Disinfection process.

Smart Potering (Automated Transportation)

Digital Technology reduction in waiting time for Patients and Medical Terms.

Moving Patients Samples, Documents with real time delivery status thus improving efficiency.


Cleaning & Maintaining of Workup Areas

Fumigation of Workup Areas and Critical Areas

Pantry Services

Security & Allied Services

Security Services for Industries & Health Care Sector.

Skilled and Unskilled Man Power Services for Residential Sterilization & Cleaning.